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Karaalioglu: A magnificient view of Antalya awaits visitors here. Colourful exotic flowers, vivid in the sun­light. Water shimmering of the bay and the mountains in the background.

The Upper Düden Waterfalls, 14 km to the northeast, are unique because you can walk behind the cascade. On the way to Lara Beach, 10 km to the east, there are the lower Düden Waterfalls which plunge straight into the sea. The peripheral of the area offers excellent views of the falls, however the view is also great from the sea side.

Most Known Parks

Atatürk: Named after the Turkish hero, this park is very lively over the weekends.

Kurşunlu Waıerfalls and Nilüfer lake, both 18 km from Antalya, are two more places where nature displays her beauty.

Gençlik: Situated on a peninsula, on the route to Lara Beach where you can see Düden Waterfalls from this vantage point. This is the magnificent, breathtaking view of the falls as they cascade into the sea.

Yavuz Özcan: A peaceful retreat within Antalya's city centre. This park is very delightful with its ponds, miniature waterfalls and beautiful fountains which display colourful lights in the evening.

Recep Bilgin: This park is located not far from Yavuz Özcan Park. It is within the city center and is worth a visit to see its architectural design.

Konyaaltı Woods: Situated behind Konyaaltı Beach, this park provides a nice, shady, cool place for solitude and relaxation outside the city.

Mermerli: Situated just above the marina at the southeast corner of the Kaleiçi district. This park is the best place for relaxation with a wonderful view of the mountains.

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